Kvinnor som gör skillnad

Varje dag ägnar sig kvinnor runt om i världen till att förändra världen till det bättre. Stiftelsen Yves Rocher delar varje år ut priset Terre de Femmes. Läs om årets nominerade!

Germany: Hanitra Markolf Rakotonirina


With her association, Chances for Nature, Hanitra raises awareness about sustainable uses of natural resources among rural populations in Madagascar with a mobile, ecological movie theater.

Spain: Elena Carrillo Palacios 


In Nicaragua, Elena highlights the roles women hold in traditional cultures who build earthen houses. A healthy, ecological, and intelligent way of life based on natural, ancient resources!


Italy: Susanna Magistretti


Susanna reorganized an educational garden inside a prison to raise awareness about nature conservation, lower the rate of repeat offenders, and increase the inmates’ employability.


France: Sophie Lehideux 


With her association, Kynarou, Sophie improved living conditions for people in southern India while raising awareness for the environment, encouraging a culture without pesticides or chemicals.


Morocco: Zaina Bouhachmoud


Zaina helped economic development in her region with the cooperative Agricole Alouss while fighting against desertification and protecting several endangered plant species.

Mexico: Gladys Reyes Macedo


To protect the chestnut-fronted macaw, Gladys ensures environmental conservation and helps develop rural communities, researching, training, and educating.


Switzerland: Marianne Hassenstein


With the Actions Environment Foundation, Marianne raises awareness about respecting the environment and preserving dry stone walls that feature along the Swiss landscape and shelter many animals and rare plants.


Portugal: Matilde Estrela 


Matilde created a waste recycling cooperative to transform organic waste into compost and make jewelry out of recycled glass on Principe Island.


Turqey: Bedriye Engin


With her ecological village based on traditional lifestyles, Bedriye allows women to gain economic independence and self confidence.

Russia:  Lyudmila Potaeva


Lyudmila helps plant trees in devastated areas in Russia by distributing seeds for free via a website.


Ukraine: Bogdana Gapochenko


Bogdana protects urban areas from pollution. How? By turning dead leaves into compost to fertilize city lawns.


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